Meet the maker

i. may studio is a small-batch pottery studio in Birmingham, Alabama. Rachel started working with clay in college while in Asheville, North Carolina, but fell out of touch with it for several years. Inspired by her mother’s love for pottery, nature and art, she began taking classes in 2015 after a workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Currently, she creates and teaches hand building classes at Make Bhm. In her spare time she is hiking with her dog, Clark and traveling the world or dreaming up new art projects. 

Artist statement:

With a love for the outdoors, gardening, fresh food, and my mother’s style, I strive to create functional, organic pieces that everyone can enjoy using in their home and for entertaining. I like taking elements from nature that I’ve seen on my travels and even outside my back door to enhance imperfect shapes, glaze combinations and by adding texture. My hope is that each piece captures my admiration for all things hand crafted and inspires people to see the imperfections in this beautiful world we live in.